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ADD & ADHD a brain which is different speaking out to empower others to find their voice

What do I look like?

I have lost count of how many times in the past I have recieved emails asking me “Lea what do you look like?”

So here you go a couple of random photo’s of me :





The Basics
Hair Color: Dark brown, did have some caramel highlights but think they have fadded

Eye Color: Currently medium brown with green flecks

4ft 11″

Profession: Student and procrastinator

Relationship Status: Married

Religious Views: Leeds United with kit sponsorship by Liberal Judaism

My Favorites
Favorite Color:
Pride rainbow

Favorite Hobby: Leeds United & Activism

Favorite Song/Singer:
Manic Street Preachers, Belle & Sebastian, Bon Jovi

Favorite Book/Author: Torey Hayden, Cathy Glass, Shakespere

Favorite School Subject: Religious Studies or Child Development

Favorite Vacation Destination: Israel with Ben or our honeymoon which was a cruise with Ocean Village to the Eastern Mediteranian

Favorite Food: Nice cheese

Favorite Restaurant: Casa Mia in Leeds

Favorite Animal: Frog

Favorite Childhood Friend: Sian

Favorite Person In Your Life: Ben and my Gramps

This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla:

Big Mac or Whopper: Whopper

Coke or Pepsi : Coke

Beer or Wine: Wine

Coffee or Tea: Herbal tea

Apple Juice or O.J.: Tropicana OJ

Facebook or MySpace: Facebook, have never had and will never have a Myspace

Summer or Winter: Summer

Windows or Mac: Windows

Rain or Shine : Rain

Chips or Popcorn: Chips (preferably pringles)

Plane or Boat:
Cruise boat

Walk or Drive: Walk (I can’t drive)

Money or Love: Love

Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner

Forgiveness or Revenge: Depends on the circumstance

Paint or Wallpaper:

House or Apartment: Apartment

Do You?

Exercise: I walk a fair bit

Spend Your Life On Facebook:
Sadly yeah

Belong To Any Organizations:
J-soc @ Leeds & LGBT

Like To Cook: Yup

Play An Instrument: Trying to learn the flute, in order to honour Ruth’s memory as she was trying to teach me

Swim: Yup

Paint: Nope

Write: Hell yeah

Have You Ever
Been Drunk Before Noon:
Hell yeah

Cheated On A Test: In school

Failed A Class:

Screened Your Phone Calls: All the time

Eaten Food Off The Floor:
From a plate and the 3 second rule applies

Wished You Were Someone Else: In the past

Cried During A Movie: Yup

Describe Yourself In One Word:

Biggest Fear: It just happened on Xmas day 2008

Your Proudest Accomplishment: Starting uni

#1 Priority In Your Life: For the short term to graduate

Causes You Believe In: Mental health awareness, Neuro Diversity awareness, Alphabet Soup’ness

Special Talents: Being able to write by putting a pen between my toes

Where Are You Right Now:
In the living room

Where Would You Rather Be: In Ben’s arms

Have you laughed until you cried:

Met someone who changed you: Daily

Kissed anyone on your friends list: Today (Ben)

What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping

Name something you CAN NOT wait for:
Start a family

What are you listening to right now: Ben and I chatting

Last time you saw your father : About 4 weeks ago

Most visited webpage: or



February 2000, sat alone on a computer within the internet lab of a Futher Education College, in Leeds City Centre, skipping a lecture as the world wouldn’t stop and still long enough for me to process all it was throwing at me.  Surviving on a hours sleep there, hour there, then crash for a solid chunk of time, to then find myself staring into space, procrastinating in a small bid to plod on and try get my life in gear.

Whilst procrastinating, I would spend hours on line attempting to find a website that would explain my world and how Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was for me, as surely I wasn’t the only person out there who at the age of 16 found their ADHD vanish and enable them to focus on one thing at a time.  As I sit here reflecting now at the age of 27 I still remember all too vividly the harsh light from the strip lighting in the lab, the buzz and noise of the fans in the rapidly deterorating processors within the computers, the noise and screach of car breaks and bus’s humming as they pass the college building, the screaming deafing of the bells of ambulances as they find their way to the near by Accident and Emergency department.  Then the noise within me, chewing gum clicking around my mouth, mobile phone on vibrate buzzing on the desk, other people clicking a pen on and off, cd walkmans and diskmen blaring out the tunes of yesteryear.

So I sat and thought there is no website out there that explains my world, so therefore I am a highly motivated when I engage my brain enough , confident and assertive if the mood takes me, resourceful willing and able, competant enough to enable myself to change the perception of the wider world.   Got chatting to a geek asked him to teach me the basics so I could set out on the web a page that would explain Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how it was for me, in a bid to open the eyes and ears of the outside world who’s only experience was a textbook that was outdated written by a medical practicioner who’s only insight to their behaviour is what they had heard at a conference many years prior.

Steryotypes and myths to this day exist within ADHD, it is lowsy but that is the way the world was and still is.